Pediatric Gastroenterology Special Interest Group

The Pediatric Gastroenterology Special Interest Group (PG-SIG) is a national organization affiliated with Division 54 (Society for Pediatric Psychology) within the American Psychological Association. The PG-SIG mission is to accomplish the following:

  • Facilitate the study and discussion of psychosocial aspects of pediatric gastroenterological conditions.

  • Develop collaborative relationships among practitioners who carry out psychological interventions with pediatric gastroenterological populations.

  • Promote a sharing of novel treatment approaches among pediatric psychologists working with pediatric gastroenterological populations.

  • Carry out high quality research into the psychosocial aspects of pediatric gastroenterological conditions.

  • Further develop empirically supported treatment protocols specific to different pediatric gastroenterological conditions.

  • Promote awareness about the significance and importance of psychosocial issues within the pediatric gastroenterology population.

  • Educate clinical professionals about the psychosocial issues which may affect the child or adolescent with a gastroenterological condition.

  • Engage in professional dialogue about the role of the pediatric psychologist in sections or departments of gastroenterology.

  • Foster cooperation and multidisciplinary collaboration among professionals working in different disciplines to improve the lives of children and adolescents with gastroenterological conditions.

External Website

The PG-SIG maintains an external website that includes various resources, including a referral list of GI mental health providers, a list of assessment measures for GI populations, opportunities for research networking and collaboration, and a comprehensive list of internship/postdoctoral training sites that offer GI-specific rotations and/or GI experience. Some of these resources are password-protected, but individuals can obtain the password by contacting either of the SIG co-chairs. The external website may be accessed by clicking here.


Requests to join the PG-SIG should be sent to the SPP Administrative Officer, who will confirm whether the individual is a current SPP member and provide membership approval. There are no additional dues for the PG-SIG beyond the SPP annual dues. 


Rob Dempster, PhD
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, OH

Brandi Whitaker, PhD
Arkansas Children's Hospital
Little Rock, AR


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