Programming & Schedule (SPPAC 2018)

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Pre-Conference Workshops: Preregistration Required


Treating somatic symptoms in youth: collaborative care, evidence-based assessment, intervention and school consultation (2.5 CEs)
Presenters: Katherine Junger, PhD, Sarah Williams, PhD, Nicole Zahka, PhD, Kari Baber, PhD, & Kindell Schoffner, PsyD
Registration cap: none

Pediatric behavioral sleep medicine: Beyond the basics (2.5 CEs)
Presenters: Stacey L. Simon, PhD, Valerie McLaughlin Crabtree, PhD, & Sarah Honaker, PhD
Registration cap: 75

Developing effective training grant submissions in pediatric psychology: strategies for success with predoctoral, postdoctoral and career development awards  (2.5 CEs)
Presenters: Matthew C. Hocking, PhD, Katie Devine, PhD, Amy Lewandowski Holley, PhD, & Grayson N. Holmbeck, PhD
Registration cap: none

Basics in quality improvement: how to operationalize in pediatric psychology practice  (2.5 CEs)
Presenters: Catherine Butz, PhD, Tammi Young‐Saleme, PhD, & Eric Butter, PhD
Registration cap: 40


Ethical decision making in pediatric clinical ethics consultation (3 CEs)
Presenters: Mariella M. Self, PhD, Debra Lefkowitz, PsyD, Amy Baughcum, PhD, & Megan Cohen, PhD
Registration cap: none


Developing and implementing mHealth interventions to improve health outcomes of AYA living with chronic health conditions: lessons learned and practical advice  (2.5 CEs)
Presenters: Lisa A. Schwartz, PhD, Sandra Amaral, MD, MHS, Lori Crosby, PsyD, Katie Devine, PhD, Nadia Dowshen, MD, Emily Fredericks, PhD, & Alexandra M. Psihogios, PhD
Registration cap: none

The interprofessional education movement: how psychologists can get involved  (2.5 CEs)
Presenters: Wendy Ward, PhD, ABPP
Registration cap: 50

Introduction to latent variable mixture modeling  (2.5 CEs)
Presenters: Kristoffer Berlin, PhD, Betty Lai, PhD, David Barker, PhD, Christopher C. Cushing, PhD, & Bridget Armstrong, PhD
Registration cap: 30


Saturday, APRIL 7, 2018

MID-CAREER LUNCH AND LEARN (Preregistration required)

Building programs: justifying and planning for growth and additional resources  (1.5 CEs)
Presenters: Jennifer Shroff Pendley, PhD & Anne Kazak, PhD, ABPP
Registration cap: 30


Plenary Addresses

Why should you care about implementation science? Applying principles of implementation science to pediatric psychology
Rinad Beidas, PhD

Partnering with patients, families, and clinicians to improve the resilience and emotional health of children with chronic illness and their families: the power of learning networks
Carole Lannon, MD, MPH & Diane Pickles

Policy to practice: advancing health equity through technology‐based interventions
Jean Raphael, MD, MPH

Real world implementation of patient reported outcomes in pediatric clinical practice
Martha Grootenhuis, MSc, PhD

Progress Notes